Transfer Pricing

Cross-border transactions are tremendously increasing in terms of number and complexity in globalized environment and transfer pricing has surpassed the need to be in line with business creation. In order to meet the composite TP needs and challenges of multinational companies globally, our experienced experts in transfer Pricing at CPA in India, successfully meet the OECD`s principles. Our Transfer Pricing practice is based on wide analyzation of organizational business practices as well as facts of each individual cases. We, at CPA in India can guide more absolutely and justifiably on transfer pricing policies to the associated enterprises.

Transfer Pricing Issues, Concepts and Strategy :

To guide you on different pricing issues, we hold a team of experienced Chartered Accountants along with a huge team of tax consultants. You can rely upon our team of tax consultants for professional consultation for your various TP issues and concepts.

Our strategy is based on:

  • The study of the concerned industry
  • The study of billing methodology and transactions
  • The study of pricing and adoption of correct Transfer Pricing Method

With the help of proper tax planning in transfer pricing , we develop such solutions and strategies which can directly respond to the Associated Enterprises’ objectives and national tax authority’s requirements.

Our Transfer Pricing services include:

  • Transfer Pricing solutions to fulfill authoritarian requirements of Tax Authorities’ Rules and Requirements
  • Online Transfer Pricing Documentation work based on
  • The Transfer Pricing Laws and Concepts
  • Suitable tax advising and guiding for adoption of most appropriate method
  • Predicting, statistically and theoretically the correct picture of industry on the basis of our industrial review analyzation
  • Providing transfer pricing strategy on various risk appraisals
  • Analyzing and presenting your transfer pricing cases before Appellate Authorities for resolution