Trademark registration Services by CPA in India

There are certain territorial limitations for the registration of a Trademark. A particular trademark can be registered by a company in any country but that does not really protect it legally against its usage by other companies in other countries. Getting your trademark registered may not be of great concern if your business functions within the territory of one country but if your business transcends the borders of a country it becomes utmost important to get your business trademark registered in each and every country it intend to operate.

Trademark registration is based on:

Classes of goods & services
Precious metals Medical services Financial services  

(There can be end number of types of goods and services and there can be end number of companies delivering the same goods and services)

Thus, it is very important to get a trademark registered across several classes so that the scope of its protection can be broadened. Separate Application is supposed to be filed for registration of mark in different classes. Usually it takes 15 to 20 months to get the trademark registered and one may find it really troublesome.

Our trademark registration services at CPA in India can make the process of trademark registration hassle free for you.

All you need is to:

Provide us your brand name and the class in which it falls.

Our Process of Registration includes:

  • Conducting a proper search of the proposed mark
  • Ensuring that the similar mark is not already registered or has not been applied for registration.
  • Filing Application along with filing fees for Registration of the proposed mark with the Trade Marks Registry
  • Publishing the proposed trademark in the Official Gazette of India in case of opposition by any entity.
  • Filing replies in support of use and appearing before the Registrar of Trade Marks/ per mark/class and much more.