Business Formation in India

The moment you think of setting up a business, a lot of questions echo in our mind, to mention a few:

  • What kind of business to set-up?
  • What place to choose to set it up?
  • How to set-up a business?
  • What will be the compliances thereafter?

CPA in India is bound to facilitate smooth setting of your business. It offers promising and effective solutions to your business related queries and requirements. Right from setting up of your business entity till the completion of all the important post set-up activities, we offer a comprehensive business set-up solution. While advising you for your business set up, your business need and necessary tax aspects are always kept in view. Using our bouquet of services, one can confidently walk through the complete journey of setting up a business in India.

Services for Pre Formation include:

Market research

  1. Indian economy and business trajectory.
  2. Research about the targeted product.
  3. Market size, share, key players.
  4. Customers short term and long term plans.

Making business plans for India

  1. Explain about India, its economic, market & human resources situation.
  2. Develop project report including financials.
  3. Develop marketing and sales plan.
  4. Entry strategy to Indian market.
  5. Pricing and product positioning.
  6. Risk mitigation.

Mergers and Acquisitions

  1. Find JV or acquisition targets.
  2. Complete diligence including technology, financial, legal and HR.

Other Services

  1. Advising on business structure while keeping tax planning in view
  2. Advising on Indian Regulatory Environment

Services for Implementation include:

  1. Assisting in a new business entity formation
  2. Assisting in purchasing an existing business

Services for Post Formation include:

Product and technology strategy

  1. Technology level of competitors.
  2. Benchmarking study and gap analysis for products.
  3. Advise on product launch, brand building.

Develop customer relationships

  1. Introduction to key customers.
  2. Customers expectations from new suppliers.

Human Resources Support

  1. Hiring support for key positions.
  2. Salary, grades and levels study.
  3. Design career plan for key positions.
  4. Opening of Bank account
  5. Constant regulatory and statutory compliance support;
  6. Agreement Drafting